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Arte Ganas Mural Art Workshops - Arte Ganas Mural Art Workshop is a very popular visual literacy program for schools and businesses. Up to 60 particpants will create an entire colorful mural from scratch in less than three hours AND with no art skills necessary, Music, art and cultura all come together to enhance teamwork in schools and in the workplace. Laminated Diversity posters - Posters that promote cultural diversity for over 10 years. All artwork was originally painted by the talented artist Tomas Otero. Feel free to look around and purchase your favorite poster(s). Get your Laminated Diversity posters for Hispanic Heritage Month or for your Multicultural Education class. We welcome orders from local, state and federal agencies. - Please feel free to take a moment to appreciate and order the images presented to you here. Ken Lubas' canvas and watercolor paper images are printed as museum quality Iris Giclee prints, Fujix prints and archival Epson prints. Epson prints have a projected life of 200 years through the use of pigment crystals coated in resin polymer applied to archival media. Whichever you choose to order you can be assured of obtaining the highest quality prints of nature and Native Americans, many of which are limited editions.
****************************************************** - - The work of Mexican-American mixed media artist and activist Johanna Vargas in Chicago.
Art / Handicraft - Artesanias Granate, Oaxaca Mexico - Oaxaca, Mexico. Recrear el misticismo de los pueblos indigenas de Oaxaca, con obras de arte, los cuales representan la cosmovision de las culturas Oaxaqueñas
Pagina de Literatura Guatemalteca - Pagina de Literatura Guatemalteca - Guatemalan literature from the Pre-Columbian period to the 20th Century. Writers and texst includes the Popol Vuh, Luis Cardoza y Aragon and Miguel Angel Asturias, 1967 Nobel Prize Winner.
Tony Mendoza Art - Cuban-American artist creates colorful artwork reflecting the culture of his childhood neigborhood of Little Havana in Miami.
Sandiafria... Online gallery for Maria Sanchez - Salvadoran artist gallery, journal and auctions.
Alex Omar Garcia - Puerto Rican artist working in the ancient medium of Egg Tempera.
Latino Art and Handcrafted Fair Traded Gifts - Unique Latin Art and Hispanic Handicrafts. Featuring one of kind Latin handcrafted objects.
J. L. NAVARRO - Author's official website...
Adoros Shawls and Gifts - Adoros offers hand made shawls, dolls, museum jewelry replicas and other artisans wares from Colombia.
Crafty Chica - The Crafty Chica, Kathy Cano Murillo, shares hundreds of way cool DIY craft projects for all occasions and skill levels.
LOS MESTIZOS: Chicano Pop Art - Funky and flashy hand made art including shrines, muertos sculptures and home decor items, created by Patrick & Kathy Murillo of Phoenix, AZ. - is an online source of content geared toward the student and collector of work by established as well as by emerging Latin American and Latino artists
Ernesto Cuevas, Jr - Art and Design - Paintings, Drawings, and Designs by a young Latino Artist.
Polvo Arte y Culture - Polvo Arte is a web site dedicated to promoting art from all over the world including latin america.
Galeria de Theresa Rosado - Portfolio and details of paintings by this US born Puerto Rican whose paintings have been featured with the works of Sandra Cisnero and on the CD cover "Salsa Strut" by Rick Davies and Jazzismo, musical director of the NY salsa band Wayne Gorbea and Salsa Picante. Also includes Latino literature, merengue, and salsa links.
AdelanteSterling - Latino Mural depicting the 100-year history of the Sterling, Illinois Mexican-Latino community. Shows the artists-at-work, details of the 5-panel public mural, and information on local people and history.
Guarionex - Fine Art Black and White Photogrpahy - - Exquisite fine art black and white photography by Guarionex. A Puerto Rican-American artist with over 35 years in the medium.
Latin Focus photo agency - Latin Focus is a stock photo agency that specializes in images from South America, Central America, Mexico, Cuba and Hispanic people and issues in the USA. We license images for editorial and advertising purposes.
NeoAztlan dot com - A place for arte and where writers can share their works for critique and criticism.
Xavier Cortada Gallery of Paintings and Community Murals - - Xavier Cortada has exhibited his works in museums, galleries, and cultural venues around the world and has pioneered the use of the Internet in collaborative art-making. The Miami-based Cuban-American artist, attorney, and activist has worked collaboratively with diverse groups across the United States, Latin America, Europe and Africa to create pro-social community murals and participant-driven art projects.
Art by Louie H. Moreno - a local Raza artist in Oxnard, Califas...showing over 30 years of work...
El Payaso.Com-Digital Chicano Art - Digital Chicano Art by David Rosales. El is the online portfolio of the digital artwork of Southern California Chicano Artist David Rosales.
De Colores Mexican Folk Dance Company - - Premier Mexican folk dance company in the nation's capital. Member of the Mexican Cultural Institute. Dedicated to sharing and promoting the rich cultural traditions of Mexico through song and dance.
Soraida, Artist/Designer - Verdadism Paintings with social commentaries by Soraida Martinez, a Latina painter of Puerto Rican heritage. This site also contains sections on children's gallery/essays and positive role models.
Victor Edgar Rivera, The Dealer of Fine Art Prints by Soraida and other Renowned Multicultural Artists, Painters and Sculptors - I am a writer and artist's representative who specializes in the contemporary work of renowned multicultural artists. Currently my site features the fine art prints of Soraida Martinez, the New York-Born painter of Puerto Rican heritage who is known for creating Verdadism, a form of hard-edge abstraction in which paintings are juxtaposed with Soraida's social commentaries on racism, sexism and stereotyping in order to promote a deeper understanding of the human soul and tolerance.
Emanuel's art - ( paintings, sculptures, murals )
Diego Rivera Virtual Museum - Virtual Museum
Art Deadlines List - Art contests and competitions, art jobs and internships, art scholarships and grants and fellowships, art festivals, call for entries/proposals/projects, and other opportunities, in all disciplines, for art students, art teachers, and artists of all ages. A subscription to the PAID/PREMIUM list guarantees you will be the first to view announcements and have access to ALL announcements.
Azteca Web Page Art Section - Mexican & Chicano Art
Latino Pages Schweiz - Willkommen auf den Latino Pages !! (at the moment only in German)
The Official Simon Silva Web Page - The Art of Simon Silva, Presentations, signings, e-mail, projects in work, etc.
Folktree - The Folk Tree gallery specializes in the folk art of Latin America, while The Folk Tree Collection focuses on fine and other folk arts, antiques, jewelry, textiles, clothing, and contemporary crafts. Folk Tree Tours conducts folk art and culture tours to Mexico, Central and South America.
Mexican Art and Culture Online - art and culture directory, plus food, beverages, cultural activities and festivals
ART FOR A CHANGE - Chicano Graphics and Poster Art. - An overview of the Chicano Arts movement from 1960 to the present.
Chicano Humanities and Arts Council - May 27, 2009 ... The Chile Harvest Festival will celebrate contemporary Chicano art, traditional Spanish Colonial art, music, food and of course chiles, ...
Tony Ortega | Visual Artist - Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art, Bilingual Press, Hispanic Research Center, ... Art in Public Places, Colorado Council on the Arts, 1977-l998, Catalog ...
Edward Gonzales - Mexican American, Hispanic, Chicano Artist - Hispanic Artist, Edward Gonzales focuses his art, posters, and illustrations on Mexican ... 4229 Corrales Road, Corrales, New Mexico (northwest Albuquerque) ...
Riverside CA California Photographer | Chicano Photographer | Fine ... - Fine art, commercial and documentary photography. Chicano Photographer and Globe , AZ documentary photography exhibitions.
San Antonio Arts Coalition - Texas, Mexico, Hispanic, Latino ... - Welcome to the arts in San Antonio. This site lists all the arts in the Alamo city. ArtCo ( Arts Coalition) supports the visual, literary, theatre, ...
New World Museum: Preserving Hispanic Art & Culture - NEW WORLD MUSEUM EMAIL US 5230 CENTER ST. HOUSTON, TEXAS 77007 TEL: 713.426.4544 FAX: 713.426.4744. Previous Screen. Next Screen. Screen 1 of 1. ARTIST: ...
Upcoming Shows | Hispanic Artist Marion Martinez - Grants, New Mexico. La Fiesta de Colores is billed as a show featuring a combination ... The show will include Hispanic artists working in the traditional ...
A Northern New Mexico, Hispanic, Folk Art, Fiber Art, Weaving ... - Centinela Traditional Arts in Chimayo, New Mexico, specializes in handwoven wool tapestries using natural dyes, custom-dyed yarns, handspun yarns, ...
David Rosales - Digital Chicano Art - Arizona - Primarily I am a painter, but I explore diverse media because my artistic vision takes on many aspects of visual expression that uses multi-media as its way of getting out, but painting is primary. I have been painting and using paint for the past 30 years and I have developed my way of manipulating the illusions of representation that modernism has taught me with a regard to Western Art History and at the same time a disregard to its values.
Adriana-Yadira-Gallego-Contemporary-Chicana-Chicano-Art - Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art :Artists, Works, Culture and Education Bilingual Press, Hispanic Research Center, Arizona State University, 2002. ...
Jose Galvez - Photographer/Speaker - Arizona - A lifetime of documenting Latino communities across the United States - Arizona - Chicano Artists
Jesus Manuel Mena Garza - Photographer - Jesus Manuel Mena Garza - Photographer
Daniel Martin Diaz - Arizona Artist - Daniel Martin Diaz creates mystical, surreal, timeworn oil paintings.
De La Cruz, Jerry - Denver, CO - Internet web Art Gallery of Denver Colorado Fine Artist Jerry De La Cruz working in surreal, abstract and figurative Paintings as well as mixed media and digital art works.
El Museo Del Barrio - New York City's only Latino museum dedicated to Puerto Rican, ... by artist Ruben Toledo, each of these fine Dominican cigars is also decorated ...
Welcome To PINTA: The Modern; Contemporary Latin American Art Fair. - Welcome To The Website For Pinta 08- The Latin American Art Exhibition Will Be Organised In The Metropolitan Pavilion & The Altman Art Building, New York.
Pregones Theater - Teatro Pregones, off-Broadway shows - A.R.T./NY Arts Presenters Bronx Council on the Arts Hispanic Federation National Association of Latino Arts and Culture New York City Arts Coalition ...
Latin American Folk Institute - New York, NY - Latin American Folk Institute - New York, NY
The Mexican Culture Institute of New York - Founded in 1991, the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York was established along with thirteen other Institutes throughout the United States as part of the "Program for Mexican Communities Abroad". The main purpose of this program was to nurture a sense of national identity among the people of Mexican origin living in the United States by strengthening their links to Mexico's history and traditions. Both an independent U.S. not-for-profit organization and the New York cultural branch of the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Mexican Cultural Institute is committed to generating awareness of the richness, dynamism and cultural diversity of Mexico as a democratic, plural and creative nation. Through art exhibitions, performances, film screenings, panel discussions, readings, book presentations and other activities, the Institute in collaboration with leading New York organizations, develops and cosponsors events that showcase the uniqueness of Mexico's art and culture, and infuses New York with the variety of Mexico's traditional and contemporary cultural and artistic expressions.
Mission Cultural Center For Latino Arts - Art - Dance - Performance - San Francisco, CA - Mission Cultural Center has Art Classes, Dances Classes, Art Gallery and Performances in the San Francisco Mission District
Mara Odette Visual Artist - Paintings, Sculptures, Installations
buddhabellystudio - works of chicano art of Manuel Samaniego. Making original artwork for 30 years.
Mesoamerican, Aztec designed jewelry & Pre-Columbian art replicas - Pre-Columbian, Aztec, Mayan and Olmec art & jewelry. Authentic replicas of famous Mesoamerican art pieces in the worlds Museums. Jewelry handcrafted in Taxco with .925 sterling silver & designs created in turquoise, mother of pearl, & other stone.
Cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz - Creator of "La Cucaracha," Nationally Syndicated Cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz.
Marinero Loco - Marinero Loco es un sitio web de la navegación y barcos.
CoaliciĆ³n de Artistas de Puerto Rico - Puerto Rican Visual Artists Coalition is the only art cultural network in Puerto Rico with over 300 members among historians of art, restaurateurs, educators, curators, artists and other professionals of the plastic arts. With 4,000 works of art and about 100 videos of art registered has become the main centre of registration, reference, education and cyber documentation on Puerto Rican art on the Internet for schools, universities, libraries, scholars, researchers, teachers, students, artists, critical art, educators, museums, galleries, art, magazines collectors, restaurateurs, cultural managers.
Unlimited Job Postings and Latino Professionals - is the only free job site dedicated to connecting employers with qualified Latino professionals. Cost is no longer a barrier!
"Por Mis Hijos" - Painting, Sculptures, Mix Media
CIMA, INC | Core Institute for Motivational Advancement - CIMA (Core Institute for Motivational Advancement Inc.) creates educational programs, workshops and seminars, provides mentoring, coaching and counseling to motivate, educate and guide Children, youth, and their families by inspiring excellence in their venture in education, career, business and personal life. Don Martinez Chairman & Founder
Delta Tau Lambda Sorority, Inc. - Delta Tau Lambda is a community-oriented sorority. Our main objectives are academic excellence and community service. We strive to bring about change in the Latino community as well as in other communities of color. A great deal of our work involves the youth, for we believe that they are our future and we their role models. We believe that through our hard work, we will empower others to achieve for themselves and lead one another to greatness.
OSCAR S. RAMIREZ CHICANO ARTIST TEXAS - I am a latino artist born and raised in Texas. I enjoy the outdoors and space. My art is of the colorful and spiritual kind. I am a lover of nature and its creatures, I specialize in North American Animal designs. Although I have found myself creating more portraits of people lately. I am also a poet and songwriter, I am currently working on my painting techniques and other forms of art. I appreciate everyone that enjoys my art and will continue to work at it.
OSCAR S. RAMIREZ TEXAS ARTIST - I am a latino artist born and raised in Texas. I enjoy the outdoors and space. My art is of the colorful and spiritual kind. I am a lover of nature and its creatures, I specialize in North American Animal designs. Although I have found myself creating more portraits of people lately. I am also a poet and songwriter, I am currently working on my painting techniques and other forms of art. I appreciate everyone that enjoys my art and will continue to work at it.
Xico arte y cultura - Xico, is a non-profit multidisciplinary arts organization created in 1975 by a group of local Arizona Chicano and Native American artists. Our mission is to promote Latino and Native American culture through the arts.
Art of Federico Correa - Paintings by a California born Chicano.
Fotografos Profesionales Latinoamericanos - OrganizaciĆ³n y Foro para fotografos latinoamericanos.
Latinoteca - The World of Latino Arts and Culture - This is your portal to written, sound and visual information about the history and cultural development of Hispanics in the United States. Free, downloadable texts, sound recordings, videos and materials are yours at the touch of your keyboard.
HOLA - "HOLA is an arts service and advocacy organization dedicated to expanding the presence of Hispanic artists in entertainment"
The Mexican Museum - San Francisco, CA - The Mexican Museum holds a unique collection of over 12,000 spectacular art objects representing thousands of years of Mexican history and culture within the Americas including Pre-Conquest, Colonial, Popular, Modern and Contemporary Mexican and Latino, and Chicano Art.
National Association of Latino Arts and Culture - he National Association of Latino Arts and Culture is dedicated to the preservation, development & promotion of the cultural and artistic expressions of the diverse Latino populations of the United States.
Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center - San Antonio, TX - Our mission is to preserve, promote and develop the arts and culture of the Chicano/Latino/Native American peoples for all ages and backgrounds through public and educational programming in six disciplines: Dance, Literature, Media Arts, Theater Arts, Visual, Arts and Xicano Music.
Hispanic American League of Artists - Our mission is to cultivate, educate, present, promote and collaborate with artists of all ages, employing the universal language of the arts to build strong communities and preserve the richness of our Latino cultural heritage.
California Latino Arts Network - The mission of The Latino Arts Network is to support and strengthen the Latino arts community and to promote the cultural well being of the communities and artists we serve. Throughout our unique 14-year history, LAN continually strives to provide technical assistance and educational services to arts organizations; develop and sponsor traveling exhibitions and public performances; and provide educational services to government, foundation other philanthropic institutions about issues relating to the Latino art community.
Firme 509 - New Mexico - Studios is a photography company based in the state of Washington and is owned and operated by sisters Madeline "Nena" Alviso and Laura "Lala" Alviso. Both have unique signature styles that set them apart from other photographers.
American Latino Museum - Washington DC - The National Museum of the American Latino strives to create a museum in our nation's capital to educate, inspire and encourage respect and understanding of the richness and diversity of the American Latino experience within the U.S. and its territories by highlighting the contributions made by Latino leaders, pioneers and communities to the American way of life.
El Curandero Gallery - The best source for Guatemalan Masks, Wooden Figures, Slingshots, Ceramics, Paintings and Textiles
Valor Latino - San Francisco, CA - Valor Latino is a social media driven project that challenges you to express your vision for America's future through songs and videos that inspire pride and provoke thought. Add your voice by submitting creative material to us for consideration to be included on our site.. Valor Latino is facilitated by Los Cenzontles, a grass-roots artist-driven organization adding an essential Mexican-American voice to the global conversation of cultural traditions. Los Cenzontles, pronounced los senn-sont-less, is an acclaimed ensemble of young adults and teens that promotes cultural pride and understanding. Los Cenzontles members are trained at Los Cenzontles Mexican Arts Center, an innovative grassroots arts organization amplifying the roots of Mexican American culture through our classes, events, media production and performances. Los Cenzontles has performed and recorded with Los Lobos, Linda Ronstadt, The Chieftains, Ry Cooder, Taj Mahal and Jaguares.
Ignacio Gomez - Ignacio Gomez vast collection of posters aimed towards the youth in the community, to strive for the highest in education, have become a positive enforcement to many Latino students. Many of Ignacio's posters are now in the Smithsonian Archives. He has been featured on television and radio.
Vida de Oro - This English language publication focuses on Latinos in the Arts, which include: art, music, film, performance, and fashion. In addition, the publication hosts an annual folk art festival. The website is updated daily and the online magazine is published monthly.
Chicano Artist Xavier Montes - Xavier, known affectionately by his nickname, Big X, for both his size and talents, is an artist and muralist with works throughout Ventura County including Santa Paula. During the late 1990s, he and area youth created a colorful mural lauding education at Chino's Market on 12th Street in Santa Paula. Xavier has a deep interest and commitment to youth and the benefits they can derive through art and musical expression.

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