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Ballet Folklorico La Paloma is one of the oldest and largest active Mexican Folklore dance groups in Southern Arizona. This Group is non-Profit group devoted to keeping youths active by providing a positive productive challenges in the dance arts area.

The specific purposes of this non profit corporation shall be to create a bridge between audiences, educators, artists, dancers, musicians, media, and other non-profit organizations for the preservation, dissemination and involvement of Hispanic dance and culture in Texas.

La escena que fechaba en Vancouver ha cambiado ciertamente mucho concluído los últimos años. Los solos hombres y las mujeres, solas, y buscando amante y romance bailaban en el adulto escogen las danzas que buscaban a amante y/o a un socio de la danza. En Vancouver hoy, solo, divorciado, o widowed a hombres y las mujeres permanecen a menudo buscar casero a través de las columnas de los personals de su papel local, esperando una conexión del amante. Los chatlines, los datelines, los personals del amante, y fechar personals son también llenos de solos hombres y de mujeres que buscan a su socio de la danza en vida! En Vancouver, el solo who de los bailarines ama el bailar del salsa, mambo, merengue, cha-cha, oscilación del este de la costa, y la prisa de la calle busca a menudo la instrucción latina de la danza a partir de la una de mejor los profesores de la danza de Vancouver ' los REYES de la DANZA. Somos LOS REYES de la DANZA, el único servicio móvil de la instrucción de la danza en el área de Vancouver que entrega lecciones de la danza a su puerta. Miramos adelante a compartir el entusiasmo, la alegría, y la confianza con usted. Por favor dénos una llamada y ayudémosle a alcanzar para las estrellas!!!

Harvard Ballet Folklorico de Aztlan is a student-run organization committed to celebrating and sharing Mexican folk culture through traditional dance. Founded in 1971, BFA is the oldest cultural organization at Harvard University.

Grupo Folklorico Viva Mexico" ha estado representando el folklore Mexicano en la comunidad de Toronto desde 1998 y han sido exitosos de traer sus funciones a través de la provincia de Ontario y en los E.E.U.U. Su propósito es dar a conocer el folklore Mexicano auténtico de varias regiones y expresarlo en su música exuberante, danzas impresionantes, y trajes coloridos.

Instituto Cultural "Raíces Mexicanas" "Dedicado a la Difusión de la Danza Folklórica Mexicana"

Ayer, Hoy y Siempre. Danza Mexi'cayotl. Enter here to read Capitán Aguilar's newest writing. 29th Annua Traditional Danza Azteca Ceremony July 17-19, 2009

Danza Mexica Cuauhtemoc is a community of people dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Mexica/Azteca culture, ceremonies, warrior dance, ...

California's premier Contemporary Mexican Folk dance ensemble; Pacifico Dance Company is comprised of 40 dancers who collaborate to preserve and reinvent age-old works and develope original and innovative choreographies that test the boundaries of folk dance. For further information, please visit us at

Flamenco Latino, the final frontier. This is the mission of our New York based dance and music company: to re-explore the flamenco art form, ...

Salsa in San Diego, Tijuana and Baja California. Dance instructors directory and places to go dance Salsa, ... Latin Travel, 3636 5th Ave. San Diego ...

Tanschule im Seefeld Cuban-Style

Ballet Folklorico Huehuecoyotl Dance Academy Dallas, TX

El Ballet Folklorico de Stanford is looking to get back in touch with alumni from the group's past 30 years. If you were a member of BFdeS during your time at Stanford.

"Teocalli", which means "sacred temple" in the ancient language of the Aztecs is one of three Fresno based folklorico dance organizations that have promoted the Mexican culture through its music, dancing and teaching.

Located in Vancouver Canada, specializing in dancing and lessons in Salsa, West Coast Swing, Hip Hop, Linday and Club Dancing.

A site where people from the Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York are kept informed of the surrounding current events. It's mainly for the Philly and Jersey people. We also host our own monthly dances and are planning on bring in stars. We're bringing Miles Pena on May 13th.

Premier Mexican folk dance company in the nation's capital dedicated to sharing and promoting the rich Mexican traditions via dance and song. Available for bookings, including performances and workshops year-round.

Ecuadorean folklore dances group of Toronto, Canada

We are a non profit group ensuring that our rich Mexican heritage is not forgotten. Children learn traditional ballet folklorico dance, cultural traditions

Organized in 1995 to preserve and promote Mexican Folklórico dance. Classes held weekly at the Sacramento Cultural Arts Center~ which also houses Salsa, Samba, and Hula.

Daniel's Artistic Dance Company is a dance and mariachi performing arts organization. We are a family operated and family oriented company. Established in 1987 by Daniel Martinez, we have provided a stable and conducive environment for the creation, training and preservation of the Hispanic Arts.

Miguel former member of Jose Greco Dance Co. Passionate Dancing-LA Weekly He Dominated the evening-Las Vegas Call Back. Show stopping presentation-Press Enterprise. A great Flamenco show for your next event. Ole! Ole!