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Providing employment training, employment, and counseling for Hispanic veterans in the Southwestern U.S

The mission of the Obregon/CMH Foundation is to finance and construct a monument honoring the 40 Congressional Medal of Honor recipients of Latino descent.

It is a little known fact that of the nearly 4,000 Medals of Honor awarded since the Civil War, 40 have been given to Latino Americans making them the largest single ethnic group, in proportion to the number who served, to earn our nation's highest award for bravery.

As a Veterans association we are committed to, and stress the importance of upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States of America and the American Flag; and promoting understanding, appreciation and respect for the sacrifices and commitment given to the United States of America by the American Veteran, in general, and the Hispanic/Mexican-American Veteran.

To serve as a voice that speaks for all Hispanic and other veterans that seek its assistance, stands united, and is inclusive and with the genuine purpose of assuring that veterans' rights are always the first priority; To perpetuate the memory and history of our war dead, and of the service rendered by our members to our country; To uphold and defend the constitution of the United States of America and its flag; To maintain and foster a relationship of cooperation with all government agencies and private organizations that support and serve our veterans community; To maintain a state of cohesiveness within the organization to foster the sense of responsibility and integrity to our nation; To foster and perpetuate the American principles of democracy religious and political freedom of the individual and equal opportunity for all.

Hispanic Veterans Non profit Organization to help veterans needs and assistance

Welcome to the online home of the Wisconsin Latino Veterans Memorial Foundation. Our purpose is to honor all State of Wisconsin Latino Veterans for their faithful service to our great Nation and to remember their history and sacrifice. The main venue for gaining awareness for the State of Wisconsin Latino Veterans Memorial Foundation is our traveling pictorial display that can be viewed at different times and locations around the state of Wisconsin. Feel free to check out the times, dates and locations you can view the traveling display.

The Hispanic-American Veterans of Connecticut, Inc. mission is to provide bilingual (Spanish and English) services to any Connecticut veteran who is actively serving, honorably discharged, or retired, to include members of the immediate family. It is with much honor and privilege that we begin a new journey that promises to change the life of our veterans and family members residing in the state of Connecticut.

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Association to help unite and help Mexican-American Veterans.

The 65th Infantry Regiment, comprised primarily of Puerto Ricans, began as a volunteer regiment in 1899 and participated in WWI and WWII. It was during the Korean War, that they made their mark and saw extensive combat. In this website dedicated to their accomplishments, you will find their history, photographs, newspaper articles, listings of their many award recipients, and sadly, a listing of those who sacrificed their lives defending American ideals. As we celebrate over a century of service to the nation and commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Korean War, we invite you to pay tribute to those Puerto Ricans and fellow Americans who served proudly. Visit these pages and remember and honor them.